The Five Fat Bulls

The other day in Church at the seven pm Novena at St Micheal’s Mahim, the Priest heading the service made a very interesting speech.

Interesting, because it stayed with me for the next whole week, up until now obviously.

For I will be the first to admit that, there are times when I check out mentally, during the ten minute in between conversation, when he speaks to all the attendees before him.

Please note that I use the word conversation and not sermon, for it hardly lasts more than an easy listening ten minutes and is filled with knowledgeable tit bits from a biblical story or a hot current topic.

Anyways cut to the chase, the speech I am addressing is the one where the Holy Man expressed his concern over the angst situation in Chennai regarding the bull taming at Pudukottai district where two died and 83 were injured.  cfsafwafasf

For those like me who have come in late- this Jallikattu sport involves young men latching on to the humps of bulls.

One who manages to stay there after the animal makes three jumps is declared a winner.

Considered not only dangerous but unfair to the animals as well by various rights activists, the Supreme court banned it in 2014, but it still continues in certain Tamil Nadu districts as a traditional sport.

The said Priest cleverly related it to how all humans also have five such wild bulls in their lives that need to be tamed and brought to order.


Stating Anger,Greed,Apathy, Abuse and Gossip as the main five.

He went on to validate his conclusions by making valuable points on these potential downfalls of the human race.

I always respect priests who spend time before their services to make a wholesome point.

Especially associating it with current affairs which catches the public interest.


They do their homework well.

And why not? Many of them are on social sites and have a wide network all over the world that connects them to other devotees and their brotherhood.

Personally, it’s always nice to take back a small message from the altar.

And strangely the message of the day seems to resonate with exactly what I need to hear. Uncanny but true.


I thought I was the chosen one, until many have confirmed the same.

So I conclude that it is all in the interpretation.

We take what we want to hear, place it in our lives or in a given situation and learn or grow from it the way we chose to.

The choice is always ours……….



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