Resolutions a waste of Time?

Resolutions are a waste of time. Promises, which are meant to be broken.

So to turn it on a notch higher, I have served a few commandments to myself….

  1. Thou shalt not selfie in boredom whilst waiting for friends to show up at cafes and restaurants.
  1. Thou shalt eat less cheese and ‘ say cheese’ more often.
  1. Thou shalt attempt to say Good -morning as opposed to snarl – grunt – grump! new-year-res




4.Thou shalt not cling to French fries as the only comfort potion and treat caffeine as life’s sole solution.

5.Thou shalt not make conversations with random people with sob stories and take on their affairs.

6.Thou shalt endeavor to read more self enhancing books instead of doping on Big Boss and repeats of Friends episodes.

7.Thou shalt read business, world affairs, current events in news papers(starting with the head lines)and be part of important adult conversations once in a while.

8.Thou shalt upload google maps on phone and other cool apps before my dudhwala does(if he hasn’t already) .

9.Thou shalt be hundred percent gossip free (currently 70 percent)

10.Thou shalt spend wisely and slowly, in shopping sprees, limited to once a week.

11.Thou shalt remember that walking to the car, typing on wats app and jumping down irritants throats does not count as ‘regular form of exercise.’

12.Thou shalt never reveal true age and continue being 25 forever!!





Author: kainaztheauthor

Unconventional in my thinking and unpredictable in my ways, join me for a cup of tea to find out more .......

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