Better late than too early or never

Have you ever felt bummed out about missing that bus?

That you should have just grabbed that opportunity when it was right in front of your face?

That you woke up a bit too late in the day, only to realize everyone else seem to have moved miles ahead?

If only you had made the right decisions at the right time or taken the traditional path of meeting timelines, of what the world perceived them to be?

Hold your breath, for there is only good news for you!

I am a great believer of the phrase,

‘Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived

forwards…’  better-late-than-never-detail1

Therefore by that rule of thumb, more the delay- more the wisdom and knowledge and smoother the path ahead…..

Here are ten reasons why it’s not only all right to kick start your life late in the day; but how it may actually work out in your favour:

  1. Lots of people have started late.

Relax you are not alone in this delayed boat. In fact you have several geniuses for company.

-Van Gogh didn’t start painting till he was in his late twenties.

-Dave McClure of Angel Investor, until forty, did no investing.

-Culinary Wiz Anthony Bourdain was not thriving till he was 44. unnamed

-Winston Churchill failed school three times.

-Most Presidents and Prime ministers only become such when they are at the second half of their lives.

And hey, Prince Charles is still waiting to be King!

  1. It gives you time to really know what you want.

Stats show that 36 percent of divorces that take place are between couples who tied the knot between the age of 20 and 28 years of age.

After all, it is a bit tricky to decide on who’s a better match when one has narrowed the options in a smaller time frame?

Stats also show 30 percent of people switch careers between the ages of 34 to 36.

What starts off as the obvious road to financial stability or first job availability in their twenties, may not be anything close to the conditions one might enjoy working in, in their thirties or forties.

  1. It gives you time to pursue your hobbies

By not being ambitious enough or goal oriented, you may be targeted as an imbecile by Corporate buffs but how many of them can boast of having the luxury of passionately enjoying a leisurel pursuit such as painting, journaling or a game of tennis? unnamed1

Maybe, if they set aside a bit of weekend time yes, but those are very few and far between.

Time, effort and energy may assure them a place on top of the ladder but leaves them with very little time to enjoy the medals of their hard work. As they say, ‘Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat…’

  1. Big and smart decisions can be made when you are ready.

Choice of career, choice of life partner and choice of the kind of person you want to be twenty years from now are much likelier to work out in your favour when you have the solid experience to back it Up with. Besides taking responsibility for your own actions, seems effortless and gratifying when you are ready.

  1. It builds character.

When you pull a late one, it makes you look beyond the superficial, it makes you empathetic to those who are still struggling and it lures you to savequestion life in a depth that you may have missed out on doing, had you caught the earlier tide.

  1. You only get more confident as you grow older.

Lucille Ball once said, “Love yourself and everything else falls into line”

As you feel more comfortable in your own skin and don’t care of what the world thinks of you, you find that self confidence to actually believe in yourself and even motivate others to do the same.

  1. You become your own best friend

You don’t need any one else’s validation or approval and sometimes you don’t even need company.

Booking a table for one at that place you feel like experimenting at, having a coffee and befriending strangers, catching that flick you wanted to see whether someone is free to watch it with you or not; It all comes easier when there is an underlying value of having lead a distinctive life from everyone else.

  1. Late bloomers will always choose the path they have forgotten.

There is no time for bullshit. With only that much of life span left, no late latif in his or her right mind will waste time on doing things they don’t like, for example attending boring events or indulging in draining conversations and pursuing interests that don’t appeal to them.

They hopefully won’t even throw it away on emotions that are obsolete.

The Late Clan will usually bring their A game to the table, for they know and understand the significance of losing time more than anyone else. jhcfhj

Read more such interesting late bloomer stories of successful people at:


  1. The dots connect…

The older you are, the more information you would have collected,because you have lived longer.

So everything makes kind of perfect sense; the lows, highs, good and bad, it all leads to the moment you are in ‘the now’ and the person you have come to be, cause of that.

More pieces of the puzzle seem to fit in, one by one.

And when you look back, you are actually grateful that you let some things just pass you by…..

  1. You have seen it all, done it all

Imagine how freeing it is, knowing that nothing will upset you that bad or throw you off course as much.

Hence, however it is you wish to bloom, it will simply flow….

For you already have learnt that the small stuff rarely matters and the big stuff you can handle with grace.

I look at late blooming, quite like a tree that the gardener has given up on.

It seems like it will never grow and then one unexpected day, it emerges into the most fruit bearing tree of all.

Fun fact: Did you know that seventy seven years after taking her first college course in 1930, Nola Ochs became the oldest college graduate in history, earning a degree at the age of 96?

read more about her and several others in the book:

Successul late bloomers: the story of late in life achievement by J.M.Orend ( goodreads author )



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  2. Interesting article…..i picked this up via the link posted by you to the writers meet up group…..i suppose there are enough success stories and examples of early starters to make this debatable both ways….its a nice point of view. I haven’t yet attended the meet up and hopefully shall join the next one.


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