Mr Stingy bags

It’s not uncommon for us singletons to go on dates and return wondering if it were just a dream or in some cases a nightmare.

‘So there we are…back to square one. Another one bites the dust!’


A Line I find myself telling my girlies very often on a night out, over Lemon Iced teas and jalapeno poppers.
By the way a rocking combination!
‘So what happened?’ Someone croaks.
I don’t recall who, I think my second in line bestie then.
Rewind to 2014,Managing editor, semi famous publishing house, broad shoulders, gym pressed arms and charming smile.
“Oh you are the earth and heaven all into one,” he flashes his Colgate whitened teeth at me.
I am smitten. What a clever line. Date one!
For that he deserves to be bought, a latte and a red velvet slice which is enticing us through the glass shelf at the coffee place we meet.
 (Thankfully the new generation live and love on emoticons,pings and pokes and are spared of corny,cheesy lines)
Back to intellectual biceps, date number 2 has a misplaced wallet as the curtain raiser.
Not mine, his.
“Sorry babe, seems like it got snatched on the way.”
Widened eyes I ask frantically, “You got robbed?”
“Naah I gave it to a beggar,” he brushes it off oh so casually.
My heart warms instantly at his over zealous generosity.
It was all going so well and I really didn’t mind spending on a fancy meal, after all who says Men have to pay for every date?(Uh ….they do??)
 I even offer to drop him home; his car is at the ‘mechanics.’
Date 3 : Wallet seemed to be replaced by new one, but the cards chewed by Ceazer.
‘Naught pup always after my stuff!’ I am told.
Cute story, my heart glows even more than it did with the last prince and pauper tale.
I swing my Gold Card at the patient steward at the Italian bistro.
He has a smirk on his face, I wonder why?
Date 4 : Washed the dishes, well not literally. Had to place emergency call to distant cousin to bail us out of cashless situation at a five course fine dining restro.
Date 5: Wazzat?
Instead, let hair down with the girl gang and resorted to some good old male bashing!
And there is tons more in this diary.
Keep up……

Author: kainaztheauthor

Unconventional in my thinking and unpredictable in my ways, join me for a cup of tea to find out more .......

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